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Teaching About the Resurrection

The Ferrell version of the Teaching Eggs
I found several posts which gave directions on how to teach about the Resurrection using plastic Easter eggs.  I've never seen the Resurrection Eggs you can buy in person so I didn't know what all they contained nor what verses from the Bible they highlighted.

I decided to make the resurrection teaching eggs for my boys this Easter.  I read through each of the posts about making the eggs, and decided to combine them using what I liked the best.  I posted the links in my March 29th post to the different websites I used along with a link to Family Life where you can buy the actual Resurrection Eggs.
Here is what I did in making my Teaching Eggs:

First I emptied 3 egg carton containers by putting the eggs in a bowl in the refrigerator.

 I know it's weird that I have 3 cartons of eggs, but one was out of date (threw those away), one only had 3 eggs in it (still in date), and the third carton I bought because I knew I only had 3 eggs left!  Ha!  Not so weird afterall!

Anyway . . . I emptied out the 3 egg cartons.  I then dug through my Easter boxes and found 36 plastic eggs -- 6 each in the same color.  I wanted the resurrection teaching eggs to be identical for my boys.  And yes, I'm doing each boy his own set of eggs. :)

Next, I decided on the items and verses I wanted to highlight in telling the Easter story to my boys.  I started with Palm Sunday and ended with Easter morning. (Duh!)

I plan to start teaching about the Resurrection using the eggs tonight with the boys since today is actually Palm Sunday and slowly work my way through the story every night (opening 1 to 2 eggs a night) until Easter morning when the last egg will be empty!  Yea!  He is Risen!

Here's my Teaching Eggs story timeline:

Egg #1

(Sunday Night)

Palm Sunday -  Jesus rode into Jeruselum on a donkey.  The people laid palm branches on the road before him shouting praises to him.

Scripture verses:  Matthew 21: 1-11 

Egg contains a small artificial leaf and a "donkey".  You could use a picture of a donkey, but I have some small horses left from Shane's party that I'm going to use.

Egg #2

(Monday Night)

Last Supper - Jesus and the 12 disciples gathered together to share the Passover meal.  It would be their last supper together.

Scripture verses:  Matthew 26: 17-30

Egg contains a small piece of bread.

Egg #3

(Tuesday Night)

Garden of Gethsemane - Jesus in the garden praying to God.

Scripture verses:  Matthew 26: 36-46

Egg contains an artificial flower sprig representing the garden and  a picture of praying hands.

Egg #4

(Tuesday Night)

Betrayal -  Judas betrayed Jesus for 30 pieces of silver.

Scripture verses:  Matthew 26: 14-16 and Matthew 27: 3-5

Egg contains 3 dimes.

Egg #5

(Wednesday Night)

Sentenced- Soldiers whip Jesus and place a crown of thorns on Jesus' head.

Scripture verses:  Matthew 27: 27-31 and John 19:1-3

Egg contains a stem with thorns on it and a piece of leather representing the whip.

Egg #6

(Thursday Night)

Carrying the Cross - Jesus carried the cross after being beaten.

Scripture verses: John 19:17 and Matthew 27: 32-33

Egg contains a cross made from toothpicks hot-glued together.

Egg #7

(Friday Night)

Crucified - Jesus was nailed to the cross.

Scripture verses:  John 19:18-22

Egg contains a small nail.

Egg #8

(Friday Night)

Vinegar drink -  The soldiers gave Jesus vinegar mixed with gall on a sponge to drink.
Scripture verses:  Matthew 27: 34
Egg contains a makeup applicator soaked in vinegar.  Could have used a Q-tip but I couldn't find one.
Egg #9

(Friday Night)

Casting lots - The soldiers divided up Jesus' garments and cast lots for his clothes.
Scripture verses:  John 19: 23-24
Egg contains dice.
Egg #10

(Saturday Night)

Burial - Followers prepared Jesus' body for burial by wrapping his body with spices in long sheets of linen cloth.
Scripture verses:  John 19: 38-42
Egg contains a strip of white material and spices (cloves).  I didn't have any cloves so  I sprayed the material with some perfume.  :)  I hope my momma has some cloves I can get cause I don't want to have to buy any! :D
Egg #11

(Sunday Morning)

Stone - The stone covering Jesus' tomb was rolled away.
Scripture verses:  John 20: 1
Egg contains a small rock.
Egg #12

(Sunday Morning)

Empty - The tomb is empty.  Jesus has risen!

Scripture verses:  John 20: 2-10 and Luke 24: 3-12 and Matthew 28: 1-10

The egg is empty!  Woo Hoo!  Jesus conquered Death!  He Lives!

That's my plan for this week.  I rearranged the order of the eggs based on what I thought was most like the scripture's order.  Be sure to number each egg 1 through 12.

Each night before we open the egg designated for that night, we will review the previous night's eggs by telling the story up to that point.  Or that's my plan. :)

I'm even thinking about printing out the scriptures onto cardstock for each day too.  Of course, I will make each boy a copy to read and let them take turns reading. . . except for Shane who can't read yet. :)

I also plan to decorate the outside of the egg cartons . . . I may or may not let the boys help me do it. :/

Well I have to go!  The boys keep coming in here asking me when are we going to do the eggs!  I think they are going to love this new Easter tradition for our family, and I know I'm going to love teaching them more about my Savior!

Celebrating Palm Sunday today . . . . . with lots more Easter fun planned for    
                           the Ferrell boys and me!

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