Thursday, April 5, 2012

Ferrell Follow Up

We've so busy here celebrating the upcoming Easter holiday that I haven't blogged about general Ferrell Family stuff in a while.  Here's some updates from the Farm:

I blogged about the new additions to our family back on March 15th when I posted a picture of these cuties:

Yellow cat has been such a good momma to these kittens!  They have grown so much and are now walking around! 

The boys have been beside themselves with anticipation . . . waiting and waiting until we said they could play with the kittens.

We've really had to watch Shane because he has tried to take care of the kittens by feeding them (dumping cat food in their box) and watering them (spraying water in their box).   Luckily, we were able to stop him before he could do any real harm. :D

Shane has already picked out his kitten . . .  the yellow one . . . and named him Gilbert.

That poor kitten is going to be soooo loved . . .   ha!

Don't worry!  We're going to supervise their growing relationship closely so that Gilbert survives!  :D

Alex has loved on one kitten in particular too . . .

but we don't want a bunch of cats!  We already have yellow cat and black cat and now Gilbert . . . I don't know what we're going to do!

They are pretty cute kittens . . . I like this one . . .

The gray one is cute too . . .

But we don't need to have 6 cats!  I've got to keep saying that! 
We don't need 6 cats!  Ha!

We made our Resurrection Gardens last Saturday as part of our Easter celebrating.  See my post HERE. We planted grass seed in the dirt and have been faithfully spritzing them with water everyday!  Here's a picture of our gardens on Wednesday night:

Zach's garden isn't growing as fast as the other two, but I'm sure by Easter morning it's going to be perfect!  Alex's garden, on the other hand, is taking off!  He's the one that just threw the seeds on top of the dirt and left it!

We've started ball practice too.  Alex is playing coachpitch and Zach is starting his first year of little league!  Luckily they both have practice the same night at the same field!  That makes for a long night, but at least it's on the same night!

And with baseball starting, it's time to doing a little cutting of the boys' hair!  Here's Zach with all his hair hanging long and straight on Saturday . . .

And here's Zach after Nana took him to get a haircut . . .  Can you say Buzz-Cut?

Alex is next . . . Pawpaw is taking him tomorrow! 

Last night we had to get everything ready for the Easter parties at school today.  I made little goody bags for the children . . .

I got some little bags at the dollar tree and put 3 pieces of candy in each bag.  I figure 3 pieces of candy is enough when they're going to get lots of candy in the eggs at the egg hunt.

I found these cute Easter tags at the Happy Home Fairy website. 

You can get them too if you click HERE.  I printed them out and cut them apart and glued them to cardstock that I folded over and stapled onto the goody bags. 

I printed out labels that said Happy Easter from your friend (Zach/Alex/Shane) Ferrell and stuck them on the back of the cardstock.

Easy and super cute, I thought!

I had 36 plastic eggs to fill for the boys' Easter egg hunts at school today.  Whew!  That's a lot of eggs!

I'll be posting pictures later from the boys' egg hunts today!  It was a lot of fun even though the rain tried to spoil it!  Luckily, we were very resourceful and everyone got to hunt eggs . . .  some outside . . . . some in the gym!

Until then . . . happy hunting from

                         the Ferrell boys and me!

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