Sunday, April 15, 2012

S'more Camping Fun

My parents have gone camping for the first time this year at our local campground.   It is only about 30 minutes from where we live so it is very convenient to visit them while they're camping.

They wanted me to bring the boys over to their campsite for a fun weiner roast and a little bike ride around the campground . . . and with Dave working Thursday night . . . it also provided me with a little something to do with the boys instead of being stuck at home watching tv and cleaning house.  Ha!  Thursday nights are not exciting at Ferrell Farm!  Ha!

The boys were so excited!  They love to go camping!  We haven't been camping in a couple of years . . . The last time we went . . . about a year after having sweet Shane . . . I decided that our camper is too small for all 5 of us!  It was definitely too many Ferrell boys in too small a space for this one momma!  :D

The first thing the boys wanted to do was go for a ride around the campground.

Oh darn!  I forgot my bike!  Ha!  Wonder what I can do?!?

Thanks to sweet Dave I can get on the internet via my phone even while "camping."

I asked Shane if he wanted to take his bike to the river, and he said "no . . . I ride in Nana's basket."

The older boys didn't want to bring their bikes either . . . they wanted to ride their scooters around.

There they all go . . .

After riding around the campgrounds, the boys were ready to eat.  Pawpaw let them help getting the fire going.  Alex and Shane loved thowing wood on the fire.

The boys immediately got to roasting weiners for hotdogs. 

Alex was so sweet and roasted one for me first . . . before doing one for himself . . .

And I was so sweet and actually ate it!  He dropped it in the fire twice!  But I wasn't about to hurt his sweet feelings so I squirted some mustard on the hotdog and enjoyed it remembering the love it represented! 

Shane wasn't interested in hotdogs . . . all he wanted was S'Mores!  So he got started on the marshmallows.

I helped him put the marshmallow, chocolate, and graham crackers together for his s'more . . .

And surprise . . . I did it wrong!  Apparently a s'more is just chocolate and graham crackers . . . no marshmallows!  Ha!  Here he is showing Pawpaw his s'more, just chocolate and crackers!

The S'mores and marshmallows were a big hit at the campfire!  Zach cooked a couple of marshmallows for me.  He tried so hard to get them perfect.

Some of the marshmallows didn't come out too perfect . . .  Some caught on fire!

Some were burnt on purpose . . .  Don't worry Momma . . . I like 'em like that!

But all in all . . . the s'mores were enjoyed by us all!

After enjoying hotdogs and s'mores, the boys were ready to play some more so we went to the playground at the campsite which happened to be just a little ways from Nana and Pawpaw's camper.

Some of the pictures are blurry because the boys were moving so much!

Climbing and sliding . . .

And just hanging around . . .

We had a great time at the river with Nana and Pawpaw!  I hope they invite us back again!

Until then we'll just have to enjoy hanging out at the farm . . . just us . . .

                           the Ferrell boys and me!

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