Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter With The Fasons

Michelle invited us to come over to Carrollton on Saturday for some of John T's famous grilled chicken and Easter egg hunting.  Dave was at work on Saturday so I took the boys by myself after the church egg hunt over to Carrollton.  We got there around 3:15 which was amazing considering I had made cupcakes and brownies to bring for dessert . . . and I didn't start making them until 12 noon!

I thought they turned out pretty cute considering how fast I made them.  The picture is not that great . . . but the bunny cupcake was really good!

I used marshmallows for the ears . . . I cut them and sprinkled pink sugar on them. . . . used chocolate chips for the eyes and skittles for the nose. . .  I meant to add whiskers but I got in a hurry to leave and forgot. :)  These cupcakes are kind of pathetic looking now because I had them sitting above the oven tonight and they got a little melted.  Ha!  I should have taken a picture on Saturday after I made them.  They looked cute then!

Michelle has a huge hill in her backyard that the boys love to climb.  Here's Zach and Shane climbing her monster hill.  Shane is hard to see but he's by the tree stump.

Alex and Zach would climb to the top of the hill and then roll down it.

Over and over again . . .

Shane would climb up the hill and just sit down among the tall grass . . . almost disappearing into the scenery.

over and over again . . .

The get-together had a duel purpose . . . Easter and my daddy's birthday!  My daddy turned 76 on April 7th!  And this is the only picture I got of him!  He wouldn't look at me!  Too busy eating that delicious grilled chicken! 

After eating the delicious meal that John cooked, we set up a card table outside for the children to dye eggs.

I had kind of a bittersweet moment this year because Zach didn't want to dye eggs . . . he wanted to help hide the eggs.  My baby is growing up . . .  Here he is with Phillip and Brad helping them hide the eggs.

All the children enjoyed dyeing eggs.  We had several different kits for them to use.

Shane dyed all his eggs -- green!  His favorite color!  So funny!

 We have lots of green eggs!

Even with a different color cup . . . it's still green dye!

See momma . . . It's green!

It was so funny to me because when the kids started dyeing eggs, everyone got out their cameras and started taking pictures . . . me, Michelle, Vicky, Phillip . . .   I love this picture of Michelle!  Wonder what was on that egg for her to make such a face! 

Cheryl had her hands full with her three children dyeing eggs at the same time.

These are Michelle's three grandchildren:

I was pretty lucky because Alex is a very experienced egg-dyer . . . I didn't have to supervise him at all.

He had several eggs going at the same time!

Alex wasn't the only experienced egg-dyer . . . Michelle's granddaughter, Taylor, created some super special eggs herself!

Her name on an egg . . .

Fancy glitter egg . . .

Payton dyed his hand orange . . . coincidentally matching his shorts!

Zach finally came back and dyed one egg . . . He's at that difficult age where he wants to do stuff with Alex and Shane, but thinks he's too old to do that "baby stuff".

After dyeing eggs, the children got ready to hunt for the eggs hidden in the front yard.
Some of the children were acting silly . . . wonder who they were . . .

They raced to the front yard . . .

It was so much fun . . . Five children racing around trying to find all the eggs . . .

Alex scored big time!

Payton was very happy with his full basket . . .

Ford was happy too . . . underneath that serious expression . . .

Taylor Grace all smiles . . .

And Shane found a shiny egg . . .

It was a lot of fun!  This may have to be a new family tradition . . . spending Easter eve at Aunt Michelle's house!  Ha!  It was a little hard getting up on Sunday cause we got back home around 8:30!  We were wore out! 

When Dave got off work at 5:30, he drove over to Michelle's house so I wouldn't be driving home at night "unchaperoned"!  He's so sweet!  I was glad he came even though he missed most of the fun.  He got there as we were dyeing the eggs.  At least he got to eat some of that delicious chicken!  I wish I had gotten a picture of him cause he looked so cute when he got there.   I love to see him when he's all dressed in his work clothes and boots.  So cute!

A great way to start the Easter holiday off  . . . Fason family fun with . . .

                       the Ferrell boys and me!

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