Thursday, April 5, 2012

School Easter Egg Hunts - 2012

The boys have Friday and Monday off for Easter holiday so today was their last day at school . . . which means today was Easter party and egg hunt day!

They were so excited this morning when they woke up and saw their Easter baskets and eggs sitting out on the breakfast table.  Almost too excited for that early in the morning!

I had planned to spend the day at the school and help with the Easter egg hunts for my boys' classes.  My parents live just a couple of doors down from the school and all the classes were planning to hunt eggs in their yard.  This is something we started a few years ago for Zach's class and have been doing it ever since.  My daddy really enjoys having the children come to the house and hunt eggs.

Shane's class was the first group to hunt eggs.  My friend Robin and I hid the eggs in my parent's front yard before the children got there.  Robin's little boy, W.K., is in the K4 class, and the two classes were hunting together.

They were so cute walking on the sidewalk toward my parent's house.  Apparently they were told to hold hands as they walked.  Aren't they cute!

We wanted to get a picture of the K3 class together before they started hunting. 

Everyone look to Miss Tina and smile!

Okay . . . y'all look at Miss Tina . . .

Y'all be still and smile for Miss Tina . . .

Okay . . . at least I can see everyone's face in this one!

Hmmm . . .

Best friends . . .

I'm a Handful . . . but I'm sooooo cute!

See I found a carrot . . .

Funny story.  We wanted all the children to get at least 12 eggs a piece.  Some of the little girls aren't as aggressive hunting eggs as the boys and we didn't want them to be short-changed . . . so after getting 12 eggs, we asked the children to quit hunting so the others could catch up. 

Nana came out to help Shane and when he reached 12 eggs, she told him to stop looking for eggs cause he had 12 eggs.  He looked at her and said, but Nana those aren't eggs, those are carrots!  Ha!  He had found 2 carrots filled with candy and he didn't think we should count them in his total!  So funny and Smart!

At this point, we realized that stormy weather was fast approaching and we might not get the other classes' egg hunts done!  Oh no! 

The 1st and 2nd grade teachers decided to hide their eggs on the playground just in case it started raining.

Here is Alex's class waiting to hunt eggs. 

 And my sweet little boy stopped hunting eggs for a minute so I could get a picture. . .

And then it started to rain . . . and some terrible looking clouds rolled over the school . . .  and we had a tornado drill!  Fun!  Here's Alex and his best friend, Neal, in the hall protecting their heads!

And a few spaces down, I got a picture of Zach (in the middle) in the hallway . . .

And then of course . . . there was me. . . and Shane and Colt . . . and eventually even Alex on the hallway floor . . .

Fortunately there were no tornados today just thunderstorms!  Shane was really worried about the tornados . . . as you can see . . .

After the tornado drill was over, we hid eggs for Zach's 3rd grade class in the school gym.   Here they are ready to hunt . . .

Apparently the 3rd graders take egg hunting very seriously . . .  after she said go . . . they became a blur :)

And the only picture I got of Zach with his eggs is in a 2 second video for some reason . . . My camera decided to do something weird. :/

It was still a lot of fun and because of the rain, we got through with the egg hunts all before lunch!  Yea!  So I got to go home and start cleaning my house for Easter! 

Tomorrow is good Friday.  I hope you take the time to remember our Lord and his sacrifice for us tomorrow. . .

I know I will.  Even though it will be a busy day at home with

                         the Ferrell boys and me!

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