Monday, April 9, 2012

Our Church Easter Egg Hunt

This is my 100th post!  Woo Hoo!  I feel like I should do something special to commemorate this event . . . but I have no idea what that would be so I'll just do what I do . . . blog about stuff that we do . . . for the 100th time!

We have had the church Easter egg hunt at the church for the past couple of years.  This year I suggested that we have the egg hunt at someone's house and offered my house . . . And the children's committee coordinator agreed!  Yea! 

I love having events and parties at my house because it motivates me to keep the house clean and . . . in this case, it motivated me to work on the patio!  I went to a local nursery and purchased some gerbera daisies, begonias, and sun ferns for the patio.  I even bought a new door mat.  That is especially impressive because I have had the same Christmas door mat at the back door for the past two years!  Ha!

The children made cute Easter foam crafts while the eggs were being hidden in the front yard.

We even had some cowboys and cowgirls come to the egg hunt.

Some of the girls were very intent while making their crosses.

It was hard to get them to stop for a picture, but Shenaye's mom insisted that she stop so I could get a picture.  Pretty girl.  :)

It was such a pretty day for the Easter egg hunt . . . so pleasant and cool . . .

The boys weren't as interested in doing the crafts as the girls . . . they were busy playing the shark game.

You know the one . . . where you have to climb on something high . . . very fast . . . or the sharks will get you!

Boys are bizarre!  Ha!  Or at least the ones at my house!  But I love 'em that's for sure!

Speaking of bizarre . . .Shane was anti-social again!  He wouldn't come outside and do any of the crafts, and he wouldn't get his basket when it was time to go hunt eggs!

When the egg hunt was almost over . . . every child had found their allotted 12 eggs . . . here comes Shane with his basket ready to hunt eggs!  Everyone was so sweet and helped us find his eggs . . . because we were so late getting started, all the easy-to-find eggs had already been found!

After the egg hunt, the children had snacks and drinks out on the patio.  See the boys' resurrection gardens on the table.

Marshall and Miller

Shenaye and Anna Morgan

But Shane was only interested in his eggs!  Look at that hair!  He wouldn't let me comb his hair.  He's such a joy! Ha! 

They had those cute Jesus necklaces in some of the eggs.  My boys loved that!

Some of the eggs had rubber bugs in them.  Shane wasn't too happy with those!

But the candy . . . he loved that! 

The egg hunt was a lot of fun and so convenient having it at my house!  For once, I was on time!  Ha!

And when the egg hunt was over . . . and everyone had left . . . I had to get busy making cupcakes and brownies for Michelle's family get-together that evening!

Such is life with
                           the Ferrell boys and me!

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