Saturday, December 7, 2013

Elfin Mischief on Day 5

On December 5th, our "sweet" little elf, Jeff, apparently decided he needed some milk and couldn't resist the temptation to mess with us too.

Jeff thought it would be fun to color our milk green.  The boys caught him red-handed with the green food coloring!

It took the boys a few minutes to find Jeff this morning, but he had left a clue as to where he was hiding.  His biker friend apparently gave Jeff a ride over to the refrigerator.  :)

Jeff even colored Alex's cup of milk that he had left in the frig. for the night.

I had to suffer eating green milk in my morning cereal that morning.

And traditionally in our Ferrell Christmas home, we tend to skip some of our daily traditions.  :)

Yes we didn't do the Nativity Countdown, nor read a Christmas book.

But we did watch the Polar Express for our Christmas activity.  It's a Ferrell Family Favorite.

I hope you're doing something special with your children this holiday season.  Making memories and teaching about our Savior is what the season is all about!

Also you can read my other posts on the 25 Days to Christmas Countdown with the Ferrell boys and me by going to this LINK.

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