Monday, December 30, 2013

Jeff the Elf's Christmas Mischief

For the past 3 years we've been blessed/cursed with an Elf on the Shelf named Jeff.

I say blessed because my boys love him.

I say cursed because he makes a serious mess!

Here's are some highlights of the mischievous antics that Jeff got into during our Christmas season 2013:

1)  A little Hotty Toddy for the Ole Miss fans in the house:

2)  Some mischief in the dum dum sucker canister:

3)  Motorcycle mayhem:

4)  Our milk mysteriously turned green:

5)  An elfin warning:

6)  A little zip line fun:

7)  A messy snowball fight in my kitchen with the minions:

Jeff caught red-handed with the "snowballs".

The minions are prepared for a battle.

8)  A computer screen message from Jeff:

While Zach was reading this message, Jeff started typing an additional question for Zach.

That totally freaked Zach out!  He ran to the kitchen to see how Jeff could be typing him a message.  I guess some elfin magic?!?

9)  Some fun craft activities hidden in the oven:

10)  Some hot chocolate and cookies are just what an elf needs sometimes:

and finally . . .

11) Jeff said the beards are back!

And so ends the Christmas season and our time with Jeff, our elf on the shelf.  Even though he makes a mess most every where he goes, I wouldn't trade the fun he creates every Christmas season for . . . 

                           the Ferrell boys and me!

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