Sunday, December 29, 2013

Christmas Eve with The Holcombe Family

We always spend Christmas Eve with my family opening presents and nibbling on finger foods.  My sister brought something she called a redneck hors d'oeuvre:  Trashy Taters.  :)

Recipe for that delicious tater trash coming soon!

During Thanksgiving my SIL Marlana and I hit some late night black Friday sales at Walmart on the Friday night after Thanksgiving.  Most of the crazies had gone home by then, but we still were able to capture a few good deals.

Like $16 Mp3 players.  The boys loved them - even Shane.

Michelle scored Big-Time with the presents she got the boys.

Shane a Stuffie and some cool dinosaur transforming toy.

Alex a Batman cave.

And this blurry picture is Zach opening his WWE Allstars video game.

Michelle ROCKS as an Aunt!

PawPaw surprised the boys with handmade gifts "wrapped" in plastic trash bags!  :)

A desk for Shane:

Shelves for all the boys to hold the personalized wooden bats I got for them.

The boys wanted every kind of electronic technology item that apple makes . . . iphone, ipod, ipad, etc.

We aren't ready to make that kind of investment for the boys at this point in their life.  They have broken the screen of two tablets already, lost several mp3 players, and countless video games.  We both have told the boys that they must show us that they can be responsible for these gadgets before we could consider spending the kind of money the apple products cost.  

However . . . 

Dave did some investigating and found some 10 inch tablets (I don't know the brand name) for the great price of $118 apiece so . . .

They came in a protective case that also has a keyboard that hooks up to the tablet.

Shane wasn't as quick to open his present, but you can see the happy anticipation on his face as he struggles to get his present opened.

They were so excited!  It was their Big Present from us and a compromise between their desires for an ipad/ipod/iphone and our struggle to keep some perspective in their lives.   

Alex is in the 4th grade and he has a tablet.  When I was in the 4th grade, my big gift was a Barbie dream house and Barbie airplane!

Let's not even discuss what I got in Kindergarten!  Shane, who is in Kindergarten, was so excited about his tablet.  It's really not fair to compare my childhood "wants" with the "wants" of my children today.  Shane is as proficient on the tablet as my 11 year old Zach when comes to downloading games and watching Netflix.  I just hope he takes care of it.

The highlight of the night for my sister and I was when my Daddy surprised us with his last homemade item.

A little wooden stick puppet that dances on a board.  

When Michelle and I were little, my daddy used to entertain us with a similar puppet . . . but alas, we can no longer find that puppet.

So Daddy made one for me and my boys, and he made one for Michelle.

Here's some videos of my Daddy demonstrating how to use the wooden stick puppet. 

Isn't my daddy the cutest thing?  Here's another video:

And then Alex had to demonstrate his technique:

So much fun and great memories for us all!

The final gift that night was for Shane.  I had actually hidden it in my closet and then forgot where I hid it!  Ha!

The only thing Shane wanted for Christmas was the Swap Skylanders video game for the Wii.  

My sweet SIL Marlana picked it up on Thursday night shopping during the Black Friday craze.  Which was a good thing cause it's expensive otherwise!  And that was seriously the only thing he wanted!  I asked him one time if he wanted mommy to get him a pony for Christmas and he looked at me with all seriousness and said, "I told you I only want Swap Skylanders for Christmas!"  Ha!

Dave and I didn't get in any of the pictures for our gift exchange.  And I missed getting pictures of everyone else opening their presents.  Bizarre!  

Dave did very good.  He got me a new camera.  A Nikon.  :)

I got sweet Dave several necessaries like T-shirts, blue jeans, and socks, but I also gave him a Hamilton Beach Scoop coffee maker. 

It makes single cup servings like a Keurig, but you can use your own coffee and not have to use the k-cups.  Dave loves it!

And that wraps up Christmas Eve with my family and . . .

                               the Ferrell boys and me!

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