Friday, November 29, 2013

Five on Friday # 10

I'm linking up with some other blogs to share
Five on Friday with the Ferrell boys and me!

[ 1 ]     Turkey Trot

My first 5K race was on Saturday, November 23rd!  Zach and I were the only ones from our family that participated, but it was great to do it together.

This was the first year the school had this event so the participation was a little small . . .  and I'm sure the misting rain didn't help!

Zach came in 2nd overall and 1st for the school age group.

Here are the top runners finishing the race.  Zach was so proud. 
While Zach ran the 5K and finished in 2nd place  . . . I was bringing up the rear with a lovely police escort!  I am so thankful that my friend Becci walked with me so I wasn't all alone walking!

It was a great experience and I'll probably do it again sometime.

[ 2 ]     Holiday Countdown Continues

I haven't mentioned the Holiday Countdown that I'm doing in conjunction with Satori Design for Living much in my blog, but rest assured I've been steadily working on the items she's been posting on her countdown lists.

Shane and I finally planted the paperwhite bulbs.  Shane enjoyed adding the water to the pots.

I used a method of planting the bulbs where you don't use dirt to plant them, but use rocks instead.    

We planted the Amaryllis bulbs in dirt and place some of the containers in the front dining room window with the paperwhite bulbs.

You can follow along with me on this Holiday Countdown by visiting Shauna at her site, Satori Design for Living, where she gives a more detailed recap of the Countdown.

[ 3 ]     Fireplace

Daddy has continued working on my fireplace.  He's built the mantle and has added the "legs" to the front.

He is going to start working on the piece that goes right above the tile between the two "legs".  It's coming along nicely I think.  And it has added so much to the living room!  Dave comments on how great the living room looks now with the fireplace almost finished. My daddy is awesome!

[ 4 ]     Surgery

I had the laser surgery done on the varicose veins in my right leg on Wednesday.  My friend Laycee was kind enough to take me for the surgery while my parents watched the boys.  I have no pictures from this surgery since I purposely left my camera at home this time!  But I do have a lovely picture of my swollen ankle and foot on Thursday following the surgery:

Gee whiz!  I need a pedicure!  No black Friday shopping for me!
At least not until Friday night!  Ha!

[ 5 ]     Thanksgiving

Dave had to work Thanksgiving day so we planned to celebrate with our family and our extended family on Saturday as we have done for the past 3 years.  I'm going to post about our Thanksgiving a little later in a separate post.  :)

In anticipation of our family coming to stay with us, the boys and I made some salt dough leaf bowls for Grandma and Nana.

Yes, they made a mess, but we had a great time doing it! 

 Unfortunately . . . we didn't get the bowls painted so these may end up under the Christmas tree as presents!  You can find directions for making the salt dough leaf bowls at the Meaningful Momma blog.

So there's my Five on Friday!  Hope you've enjoyed this quick look into this very busy past week with . . .

                               the Ferrell boys and me!

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