Sunday, November 24, 2013

Annual School Christmas Bazaar

I always look forward to our school's annual Christmas Bazaar. There are many talented people in our community that contribute to this bazaar.  I'm going to highlight a few of my favorite items . . . a few items that I think are "Pin-Worthy!"

First the wreaths . . . so many to choose from and all just beautiful!

My friend Hannah M. made 3 of the wreaths for sale, and I was tempted to buy one except . . .  I bought one of her wreaths last year at the bazaar and I don't really need to replace it just yet!   This is my favorite that she made for this year:

It has a green wreath form as its base with the burlap and ribbon tucked in and around.

She also made this more rustic wreath using a grape vine wreath as the base:

And Hannah's third wreath . . . also lovely . . . using a green wreath as the base:

Her sister, Angie C., contributed this wreath which was also a favorite of mine:

Angie's wreath sold before I could inspect it closely so I'm not sure what she used as a base for the wreath.

Our K-4 teacher, Angie D. made this awesome coffee filter wreath which seemed to fascinate everyone before it quickly sold:

Besides the many wreaths (There were lots more cute wreaths at the bazaar than what I highlighted), there was this cute candle/log centerpiece that Cynthia D. made:

Very rustic.  :)

The most unique craft items at the bazaar were these hand-painted floor mats by our 6th grade teacher, Sheila V.  :

She painted two for her contribution to the bazaar . . .

And she painted two for her sister's contribution to the bazaar . . .

The moose one was my favorite.  I missed getting a picture of the other mat she painted.  These mats were cheap $2 kitchen floor mats that she flipped over and painted the underside rubber part with the Christmas design leaving the carpet-top as the bottom of the mats.  They sold very fast.  

Of course, another of my favorite items that was donated happened to be made by my sweet daddy.  It was a wooden basketball popping toy.  

He donated two of them and they both sold.  :)

Here's an action picture of it being used . . . ball in mid-flight using the plastic spoon for the launching of the ball.

My daddy and my Aunt Carolyn each donated two homemade pecan pies for the bazaar too.  

One of the bazaar items that I bought for myself was this super cute Ole Miss burlap football door hanger that was donated by Shane's K5 teacher:

I love the painted Colonel Reb on it!  Doesn't it just make you want to say "Hotty Toddy!"  

I also bought this cute metal picture holder that my friend Angie C. made for the bazaar:

Angie said she made it from tin roofing sheets.  The little felt flowers and snowflakes have magnets glued to them so you can move them around to hold the pictures.

That wraps up my favorite items at the Christmas Bazaar.  I didn't highlight the food items donated, but there was homemade salsa, muscadine jelly, and bar-b-que sauce along with lots of homemade baked goods.

If you didn't make it to our school's annual Christmas Bazaar, then you now see that you missed out on some very cute Christmas items made by local folks.  This was only a small portion of what was at the bazaar . . . just some of my favorite items . . . but there was lots more than these I've highlighted . . . and it all sold!  I was working the check-out table so I missed getting some of the stuff I wanted.  I'm sad about that, but Dave was pretty happy when I came home empty-handed Thursday night.  Of course, I made up for it on Friday at the Thanksgiving luncheon at the school . . . the bazaar is open during that time as well so I was able to get the burlap football and the metal picture holder.  

So that wraps up another fun event at the boys' school which is an annual event that makes up part of the Thanksgiving/Christmas holiday season for . . . 

                               the Ferrell boys and me!

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  1. Wow!!! You certainly do have a lot of talented people contributing to that bazaar! Everything looks great!


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