Monday, November 11, 2013

Veteran's Day - 2013

Today was Veteran's Day, and I'm married to an Army Veteran.  
I'm very proud of that.  

I wish I had known Dave when he was serving in the Army or when he was flying helicopters in the National Guard.  But I didn't.  I just know the man that he became because of those 14 years of military service.

And I'm very proud to call him my husband . . . and my babies' daddy.  :)

My children's school had a special program this afternoon to honor our local veterans.  Dave is working the night shift this weekend and usually sleeps during the day . . . but today he made himself get up out of bed and go to the program for me and for his boys.

It was important to the boys that he come to the program.  All the veterans were going to be recognized during the program, and the boys are so proud of their dad.

They each wore some article of clothing or patch from Dave's military wardrobe to the program.  They were supposed to wear red, blue or white . . . 

They wore his dog tags too.  

Here's a panoramic view of the program.  Dave took this picture. He's got some smart-phone skills.  :) 

The children sang patriotic songs.  Zach even had a special part to sing with 3 other children.  He was so excited about it.

So like a good mother, I planned to video tape his performance.  I had some problems while videoing the performance because the music director had placed Zach on the far right of the group and had placed Alex on the far left of the group making it very difficult to videotape them at the same time.  So I had to move the camera slowly back and forth to try and capture both my boys singing.

And I totally missed the special part with Zach singing.  When I realized he was singing, I quickly turned the camera in his direction and zoomed in and . . . it made the picture blurry and I missed it!  But you can hear it which is the point, I guess.  :)  Here it is for anyone interested.  

After the program, the boys and Dave dutifully posed with me for a picture.

The DAR held a reception for the Veterans in the school library.  One of the ladies had made a patriotic quilt, and the DAR had a goal to get every Veteran in the county to sign the quilt.

And then Dave was off to work  . . . again.  He's a very hard-working veteran that's for sure!  

Once the boys and I got home after school, my Daddy helped me with a project that's been pending for about 3 years . . . the unfinished fireplace!

He helped me so much!  There's no way I could have attempted anything like this without his help.  

And here's where we stopped . . .

That's the gas fireplace insert pulled out in front.  And the board going across is to get the tiles level.  Anyway, DON'T mention this to Daddy if you see him because he specifically told me not to put this on Facebook until he approves the pictures.  Technically this isn't Facebook.  But he might not see it that way!

And finally, I got to work on one of my Christmas Bazaar projects: Amish Friendship Bread.

It takes 10 days to make the starter for the bread so I mixed mine up tonight so that it will be ready to complete and bake the bread just in time for the school bazaar!  You can see the recipe I used to make my starter HERE.

And thus ends another busy and exciting day with . . .

                          the Ferrell boys and me!

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