Monday, November 25, 2013

Monthly Menu Plan: December

I've mentioned in a couple of previous posts that I like to plan my menus for my family on a monthly basis.  Some people think that menu planning is hard, but it's actually an action that makes your life so much easier.  I used to plan on a weekly basis, but it seemed like just when I would get through planning the week's menu, it was time to start back planning for the next week.  Planning for an entire month really doesn't take very long to do AND it gives me so much free time for the rest of the month.

I have a method for planning monthly.

First I copy and print the month's calendar that I'm planning.
Then I notate on the calendar any activities for that month where we won't be eating at home such as special events at our church or school where food will be provided.

Then I fill in the calendar with my meals.  I have a list of meals that I make every month at least one time. Such as tacos, chicken fajitas, crockpot roast, hamburgers, breakfast for supper, etc.  Once I put the standard monthly meals on the calendar, I then hit my cookbooks and pinterest for some new recipe ideas to fill in for the rest of the days.

I have a method for filling in the days based on the type of meat or method of cooking for each week.

Mondays -     Usually a chicken dish
Tuesday -      Usually a hamburger dish
Wednesday - Usually a crockpot dish
Thursday -     No specific type of food for this day . . . 
Friday -         Usually a grilling dish
Saturday -     No specific type of food for this day.  
Sunday -        Usually Spaghetti, Breakfast for supper,                                             and Velveeta Box Meals on Sunday nights that Dave is working

Here's my menu calendar for December.  Click on the image and it should bring it up for better viewing.

I usually plan kid-friendly meals on the nights that Dave is working and then plan more hearty meals on the nights that Dave is home for supper.

I'm also very flexibly with this plan.  Sometimes I just don't feel like cooking and on those nights we order Pizza from Mike's regardless of what I've planned on the calendar.

I still go to the grocery store every other day.  Usually it's to refill the boys' snack foods or drinks cause they seem to go through their snack food and drinks so fast!  But having this menu is awesome because now I just look to see what we're having and check to make sure I have all the ingredients and go from there.  The boys love it cause they can see what night I'm making their favorite meals.

So there you have it!  Menu Planning Made Easy with  . . .

                                 the Ferrell boys and me!

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