Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Ferrell Boy Perks

What's a Perk?  It's a special advantage or benefit.

When your dad sells ATVs and UTVs . . . test-driving the units to make sure they're ready to go to the customer is a perk.

When you live on a farm . . . having new kittens for pets is a perk.

And when you play on a T-ball team . . . getting a trophy is another perk!  

And I don't care what all the experts say . . .  everyone that plays getting a trophy is definitely a perk for this momma!

He loved the trophy.  He loved the fact that the baseball player had a butt.  Actually . . . he just loves saying the word "butt"!  Here's a picture with the butt facing outward!  Ha!  Look at that smirk!

And finally . . . being the littlest grandchild means you get to go home with Nana and Pawpaw after the ballgame which is always a perk . . . for both the little Ferrell boy and his momma!

      And sharing these little moments with is you is definitely a perk for  . . .

                                the Ferrell boys and me! 

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