Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Gardening at Nana and Pawpaw's House

My boys love going to my momma's house.  They call her Nana and they call my daddy Pawpaw.  :)

It's not a vacation for the boys when they go to visit my parents. Nope, my parents put them to work . . . usually outside in the garden.

On this day, the boys were helping Pawpaw dig for potatoes.

Even Shane helped by washing off the newly dug up potatoes.

The "fruits" of their labor . . . 

And as if digging up potatoes in the garden wasn't enough work for the boys . . . . Pawpaw had them take some of the dirt from the garden to the front yard to patch up some areas there.  The boys hitched a ride.  :)

While they were "working" so hard with Pawpaw, I was getting a tour of Nana's flowers blooming in her yard.  She calls these Lace Hydrangeas.

Some Coneflowers . . .

Pretty Pink Hydrangeas . . .

My momma's favorite part of her garden is her daylily flowerbed. 

She's going to a daylily farm this weekend that has special hybrid daylily bulbs.  

She had me take pictures of the different daylilies she already has so she wouldn't buy the same ones again.

She's making a daylily bed with just her fancy hybrid daylilies that she bought last year.

They are all so pretty . . . even the  common "ditch lilies" you can see in the background behind the special daylilies.

  My plan is to make a daylily bed at my house and take the bulbs that she "thins" out from her daylily flower bed.  :)  

Some of the daylilies were already passed their blooming prime, but you can tell how pretty they were.

All these special daylilies were mixed in with momma's "ditch lily" bed.  She's determined to get the special hybrid fancy daylilies out of the plain everyday "ditch lily" bed.  Which is great for me cause I can probably get as much of the "ditch lilies" as I want!  They're just as pretty to me.

Momma also has a herb garden with a great variety of herbs . . . chives, basil, and parsley . . .

Oregano and Thyme . . . 

Really and truly, my parent's gardens are pretty awesome.  Even their trees are better for climbing than the ones we have at our house according to Zach!

I don't know what makes Nana and Pawpaw's house so much fun, but for some reason . . . it's just a whole lot of fun for . . . 

                           the Ferrell boys and me!

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