Friday, June 13, 2014

Five on Friday

[One]     Vacation

Dave is off this week.  :)  We aren't planning any big trip during this 2 week vacation.  We're saving that for July.  

But we did go out to eat on Saturday with the boys and then to see Godzilla.  

The boys loved it.  Dave and I weren't too impressed.  Oh well.

[Two]     Go Kart Incident

Dave bought a little mini go kart to sell at the Fun ATV store.  It's the perfect size for Shane.  

Dave kept hoping to sell it.  Because it's so small, most people would buy the mid size go kart (the next size up) so their children wouldn't grow out of it to quickly.  So we decided to give it to Shane.   He loves it!

Zach wanted to ride with Shane, but we found out the hard way that's he's too big to ride!  He made the go kart off balance so that when Shane turned the go kart, it caused the go kart to turn on its side.  Shane was fine, but Zach got scraped up pretty bad on his arm and knee.  

[Three]     End of Baseball Season

Last Friday marked the end of my boys' baseball season.  Zach and Alex's Little League team, the Tigers, won all their games but the last one.  My sweet little Shane played his last Tball game.  He'll be moving up to Coach pitch next year.

[Four]     Science Experiment

The boys  love science experiments so we're trying different ones this Summer.  The one we're working on right now is turning an egg into a bouncing egg that doesn't break.

I'll be blogging about that once we complete the experiment.  :)

[Five]     Gridiron Men's Conference

Dave has gone with the men of our church to the Gridiron Conference every year.  Last year, he took Zach and Alex and Me with him.  I felt like I really stuck out amidst all those men!

This year Dave, Zach and Alex were going and at the last minute, Dave decided that Shane and I needed to go as well.  We didn't have tickets to the conference so we're hanging out in the hotel room.  So while they are at the conference listening to Rick Burgess of the Rick and Bubba show . . .

I'm at the hotel with Shane  . . . playing with the Snap Circuits Jr. kit learning about electronics  . . . and how to make a fan blow using the kit . . . while watching Spy Kids 3 Game Over for about the 100th time!  It's been fun spending time with just Shane for a change.  :)

All in all, it's been another great week.  

So glad you stopped by for the Five on Friday with . . .

                                 the Ferrell boys and me!

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