Friday, May 23, 2014

A HodgePodge of Activities

I'm so behind with blogging our activities that I decided to do a blog post with a hodgepodge of the boys' more memorable moments.

To celebrate the end of their lesson on Greece and Italy, Zach's class had a toga party.

Everyone brought different foods that were representative of Greece and Italy.

The teacher gave extra credit to every student that either dressed up in a toga or brought food.  Fun teacher!

Shane started his T-ball practice with his new T-ball team, The Oaks' Aggies.

They went through drills learning how to throw and catch the ball before taking turns at bat.  

Shane was stationed at 3rd base during practice.  He wasn't quite into playing in the field yet.  :)

In fact, he spent a great deal of time cleaning the dirt around the base.

Zach and Alex's class participated in the Egg Drop competition at the school where the students drop a raw egg from a very high place with the egg protected by a unique design of the student.  The object of the egg drop is to keep the egg from cracking when it hits the ground.

Zach put his egg inside a tennis ball filled with peanut butter. (Yuk) Alex and Dave inserted Alex's egg inside a toilet paper tube and suspended it inside a box using rubber bands.

Alex's design was successful.  :)

The boys' school planned an elementary program called a Tom Thumb Wedding.  A little boy and girl from the first grade were Tom Thumb and Thumbelina, the groom and bride of the wedding. All the K5 boys were groomsmen in the wedding.  
Here's Shane, the fourth one from the left:

There were lots of special guests at the wedding.  Michael Jackson a/k/a Zach showed up . . .

And Elvis Presley a/k/a Alex  . . .

I thought Alex looked awesome as Elvis, and he seemed to really get into the part.

Both of my boys worked really hard to look the part and lip synced the songs perfectly . . . or at least as far as I was concerned.  :D

And then we started playing ball . . . Alex moved up to Little League.  

He's now playing on the same team as Zach.  I love my Tiger ballplayers!

And the final hodgepodge event is May Day.  Every year the boys' school has an all day-fun day for the children called May Day.  It's sponsored by the PTA, and this year the PTA planned a day filled with all kinds of water activities.  The boys loved it!

A big part of the May Day activities involves something called Royalty.  Every class elects or designates one boy and one girl to represent their class as the May Day prince or princess.  Alex was selected for his class, and Shane was selected for his class.

On May Day, the boy or girl that raises the most money is crowned the May Day King and Queen.  Alex was May Day King when he was in K5 and Zach was May Day King last year so . . . we really concentrated our money raising efforts into Shane winning this year.  And he did!  

And there you have a sampling of our activities for the past few weeks.  I still have some major events to document . . . space camp and K5 graduation . . . to name a couple.  Hopefully, now that summer is here, I'll find the time to get back into the blogging habit.  
After all, there's always lots to write about . . .

                            the Ferrell boys and me!

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  1. Looks like you and your boys have been very busy. I always enjoyed watching our boys play baseball, too! Thanks for stopping by my blog today. So glad to meet another fan of "The Middle"! :)


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