Friday, June 14, 2013

Ferrell Family Roadtrip: GridIron Conference

Date:  Friday, June 14, 2013

For years Dave has been planning a trip out West to the Rocky Mountains.  When he was in high school, he lived for a little while in Denver, Colorado, and he has never forgotten the beauty of the mountains.

Every time we would go to the Smokey Mountains in Tennessee, Dave would say, "You think these are mountains . . . you haven't seen mountains until you've been to the Rocky Mountains in Colorado!"

For some reason, he decided this summer would be the summer to go see these mountains he was always talking about  . . .

Our original plans were to go on the roadtrip in July, but Dave couldn't take off during July because of a planned outage at his work, so our trip got moved up to June.  Unfortunately, the two weeks he could take off were also following our planned trip to the GridIron Conference in Birmingham with our church.   So that's where our roadtrip actually began . . . in Alabama!

The Gridiron Conference is a Christian all men's conference that is held every year with speakers and topics pertinent and inspirational to Christian men.  This year was a big deal because Tim Tebow was one of the featured speakers.  I wanted Zach and Alex to go.  Dave wanted me to go.  (To help with Zach and Alex)  :)

I think there were 5 women at the conference. . . . including me!  (Of course there were women working at the conference as ushers and in the concession stand but I don't count them!) 

It was the most amazing experience to see 7,000 + men praising and worshipping God almighty!  It was beautiful, awesome, and awe-inspiring all at the same time.  I hope it was an experience that will make a lasting impression on my boys!

Several men in our church took their sons to the event as well.

The first speaker was Rev. Fred Luter from New Orleans, Louisianna.  He was awesome!  So energetic and such a powerful speaker! 

Next it was the speaker we had all been waiting for . . . Tim Tebow! 

He was humble, funny, and sincere.  My boys were impressed.  So was I!

I can't imagine the pressure he is under as a Christian in the spotlight . . .

We had a great time.  The boys really enjoyed it so much.  Next year's GridIron Conference is in Nashville, Tennessee, and I would encourage you to attend if possible - - - If You Are A Man!  I don't think I'll be attending any more men's conferences!  :-D

But please don't be mistaken in to thinking that I was in any way discouraged from attending by the men from my church, even though I was the only woman with them . . . No it was quite the opposite.  They were as always encouraging and accomodating to me.  In fact, several times different men from the group would text and call me or even stop by where we were sitting to check on the Ferrell boys and me.  We didn't travel with the group on the bus (Can you imagine me . . . by myself . . . on a bus . . . full of just men!).  We took a separate car and followed the bus.  Still they were so sweet at all times and never made me feel like a "third wheel"!  I love my Calvary church family . . . and the men of the church are a big part of the reason!
When Dave has to work on Sunday and misses church, the men of the church help me out so much with those wild Ferrell boys!  :)

We left Saturday from Birmingham, Alabama, for home in Mississippi to pick up our sweet Shane . . .

and to quickly pack for a two week vacation roadtrip!

We include Alabama on our states of the roadtrip because Dave said so!  (He rented a car for our trip and we took it to the Conference.  He said because we used the rental car to go to the Conference, then we needed to count it as part of the roadtrip.)

And so begins the Ferrell Family Roadtrip with  . . .

                                the Ferrell boys and me!

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