Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Easter with the Ferrell Boys

I am so far behind in my posting.  Yes.  It's May and I'm fixing to write about Easter.   :)

School Easter Egg Hunts:

Shane's class had their Egg Hunt at Nana's house.  They have been walking down to my parent's house for the egg hunt ever since Zach was in K4.  It's a nice tradition.

Shane had the best time hunting eggs with his friends.

He got tired of carrying his Easter basket around so he casually hung it around his neck.  :/

He and his best friend, Colt, stopped hunting eggs long enough for me to take a picture.

He's growing up so much. I don't have to help him find the eggs any more.

It just so happens that the day of the Easter Egg Hunt for his class also happened to be Shane's birthday.  He was beyond excited.  It was like the Easter egg hunt was for him and his birthday too!

Easter Bunny Cake:

I always try to make something special for the boys during Easter. . . . like cupcakes, cookies, etc.

This year I decided to make a Easter bunny cake and let the boys decorate it.  It's very easy to put together.  First you bake two round cakes, and then you cut one of the round cakes like shown in the picture below:

You arrange the pieces of the cake as shown in the next picture:

My boys don't care for icing, so I decided to sprinkle the top of the cake with powdered sugar.

Here's our bunny cake after I had sprinkled it:

I personally love coconut icing on my bunny cakes, but the Ferrell boys think that shredded coconut tastes like paper!  Ha!

The older boys were playing video games (boo hiss) so only sweet Shane got to decorate the cake.

He worked so hard to make it look good. Yum!

Hhmmmmm . . . . wonder what I should do next?

Who could have known that our sweet little Shane had a little Picasso in him?  :D

The way the cake looked didn't seem to phase the Ferrell boys at all.

Easter Baskets:

Dave had to work on the Sunday of Easter which really put a damper on our family fun.  It was raining too.  Doesn't make for great egg hunts either.

But I still put together some Easter baskets for the boys. . . crocs, avengers tshirt, duck dynasty tshirt, nerf gun, hot wheels cars, coloring book, candy, play doh, sidewalk chalk etc . . .  I actually had Bible verses to go along with the different items in the baskets, but I never got around to posting about it though.  Maybe next year I will write about it. The boys really enjoyed reading the Bible and having their Easter basket items connect with the verses.   Aren't you curious to know what Bible verses I tied to Crocs, Hot Wheels, and Nerf guns?  Ha!

For sweet Shane . . .

For sweet Alex . . .

For sweet Zach . . .

Our Easter was rainy and quiet . . . but it was still a wonderful blessed time to spend with my boys.  We did our Easter countdown that I posted about here, so the boys and I spent quality time together focusing on the true meaning of Easter . . . the sacrifice of our Savior and Lord, Jesus Christ. 

And these pictures represent all the pictures that I took for Easter!  Ha!  So not like me! 

Happy Easter (a little late, I know) from . . .

                                   the Ferrell boys and me!

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