Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Shane's Camping Birthday Party

Last summer I had a camping birthday party for Alex's 8th birthday.  I set up a "tent" in the living room and his friends spent the night.

Ever since that party, Shane has been saying that he wanted a camping spend the night birthday party when he turned five.  Here he is at Alex's birthday party -- my little dinosaur camper.  :)

How hard could it be having a few 5 year olds spend the night?  :)

Because Alex's birthday is in June, I set the "tent" up in our living room so the boys wouldn't get too hot.  Shane's birthday party being in April wouldn't be hot or humid like it is here in June so I planned to set his "tent" up in the garage.

I still had the piece of carpet from my parent's house to use for the floor.  My parents had pulled up their living room carpet in December to put down wooden floors, and they gave me a large piece of the carpet to use for Zach's spend-the-night birthday party in February.

I rolled the piece of carpet out in the garage.  Dave helped me set up our tailgate tent in the garage.  I took some safety pins and attached some sheets to the sides . . .

I hung some cute little flip flop lights around the inside of the "tent".

The boys laid their sleeping bags in the tent and set up their area for camping.

Dave set up a television and dvd players on one side of the "tent" for the boys.  (Don't you just love the floral sheets?)

The boys played with the puppies and rode 4-wheelers while my sister grilled hamburgers and hotdogs.  They were trying to be safe by wearing the helmets, but 3 boys on a 4-wheeler isn't a very good idea! 

Time for cake!

I decorated Shane's camping cake with a fisherman in a boat that I got at the local bakery.  The tent is made with graham crackers and icing.  I used real rocks on the cake (after cleaning them very good!).

Happy Birthday Shane!  You are 5 years old!  Yea!  Make a wish!

But who cares about cake when you have lots of presents to open!

Aunt Michelle gave him one of his favorite presents:  Skylanders Giants characters.

Pop-Up Book with Sounds from W.K.

Hot Wheels Stunt Toy from Lex.

Ninja Man from Mary Beth.

Imaginext Dinosaur from Colt.

As the night approached, the boys settled in to watch movies in the "tent" and "camp-out" together through out the night.

All the boys spent the night except for one.  For breakfast the next morning, I made pancakes and bacon.  Shane requested bunny butt pancakes so that's what I made.  :)

Shane had a great time with his friends, and I know it was a birthday party he will never forget. 

Happy Birthday sweet Shane from . . .

                               the Ferrell boys and me!

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