Monday, June 17, 2013

Ferrell Family Roadtrip: To Holbrook, Arizona

Date: Monday, June 17, 2013

So we had a great restful night in Amarillo, Texas.  We were farther away from home, but closer to our destination:  the Grand Canyon!

Even miles away from home . . . some things never change . . . Dave working on the computer . . .

 . . . Shane in a time-out for bad behavior . . . :)

We left Amarillo in a hurry to get to where we were going . . . but apparently Dave was in too big a hurry . . . He got stopped by a Texas Deputy Sheriff!  Luckily, we only got a warning citation . . . this time. 

It just so happened that the route we decided to take happened to be part of the famous Route 66 scenic highway.  I had done a little research about what to see along Route 66 and one of the stops I wanted to make was at the Cadillac Ranch.  I had no idea where it was actually located, but had mentioned to Dave that I would love to stop and see it.  Dave didn't seem too interested.  I however have an interest in all things odd ball.  Dave not so much.  :)

As we were leaving Amarillo on I-40, and while we were still a little un-nerved by the traffic stop, Dave casually commented, "Hey there's that Cadillac thing you wanted to see."

And there it was!  Dave didn't really want to turn around to see it, but the Deputy Sheriff was still behind us, and I think that helped motivate Dave into stopping.

The boys loved it.  Part of the fun in stopping is using spray paint to add some graffiti to the cars, but it was way too muddy.  :(

Even though it was muddy . . . it was still a great stop on our Roadtrip . . .

Memories being made . . .

We got back on the road and finally made it to New Mexico!

We stopped for gas and instead of the typical Southern fried chicken for sale in the convenience store . . . this is what was offered in New Mexico.

Uh, No Thanks!  :)  I think we'll wait until Albuquerque and eat at Cracker Barrel!

New Mexico has a beautiful and unique landscape.

Sweet boys!

And then there was the state of our destination . . . state #8 . . .

Now for two days we had been trying to get a room at another famous Route 66 scenic stop . . .

I sooooo wanted to stay at the WigWam Motel, but apparently you have to make reservations about two weeks in advance.  This Ferrell roadtrip was being traveled on a day by day itinerary with no reservations being made in advance.  Oh well.

We decided to take the boys to see the WigWam Motel anyway.

FB status:

Which was a good idea at first, but then Shane started getting upset because he wanted to stay there!

And so ends our roadtrip adventure for day 3.  We spent the night in Holbrook, Arizona at a family-owned motel that was the cleanest motel room I have ever seen!  The owners were so wonderful and seemed to take a personal interest in every person staying with them.  One of the apps we used on our phone was the tripadvisor app.  It helped us find hotels while we traveled.  We had a lot of luck using this app to find good hotels within our price range.  The app shows not only the approximate prices of the rooms, but also gives reviews and ratings based on the reviews. 

And after a day of driving across 3 states, it was time for bed in Holbrook, Arizona, on this Ferrell Family Roadtrip with . . .

                                  the Ferrell boys and me!

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