Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Ferrell Family Roadtrip: To The Grand Canyon

Date:  Tuesday, June 18, 2013

So we had been on our Roadtrip for a couple of days . . . We had seen some well-known sites along the Route 66 scenic highway, but our main objective . . . the first major destination of our roadtrip was finally within a couple of hours drive . . . the Grand Canyon!  I had always wanted to see it in person and it was beyond my expectations!  Pictures cannot do it justice . . . but I still took LOTS and LOTS of pictures!  Ha!

We left Holbrook, Arizona, early Tuesday morning and headed for Flagstaff.  Dave had decided that we would get a hotel in Flagstaff for a few days while we explored the area.  Once we got checked into the Days Inn & Suites, we headed for the Grand Canyon.  It was about one hour and half from Flagstaff, but the boys had been hearing about it the whole trip and they couldn't wait to see it!  They were so funny during the entire roadtrip over the past two days.  Every large mountain or hilltop we saw along the way, they would ask, "Is that the Grand Canyon?"  Ha!  They had no idea how truly Grand it was going to be.

The Ferrell boys ready for a new adventure . . .

So immediately after seeing the Grand Canyon for the first time, I stopped some foreign guy to take our picture.  :)

And then we walked a little bit around the viewing area . . . and found out that there was LOTS of the Grand Canyon to see  . . . with lots of picture opportunities.

The boys' view from those rocks . . .

Lots and Lots of picture opportunities . . .

The boys had a great time posing and taking pictures.

The Grand Canyon was sooooo big . . . how big was it?  I couldn't take a picture that could adequately depict how Grand and how Awesome it was, so I've picked out a few of my favorite pictures out of the 160 pictures I took while at the Grand Canyon:

Facebook status:

We drove around the South rim and stopped at all the scenic views, then headed back to Flagstaff for the night.

We witnessed a beautiful sunset on the way back to Flagstaff.

In fact, we witnessed so much beauty the whole day. . . . breathtaking beauty . . .

It was a very Grand day for . . . 

                                 the Ferrell boys and me!

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