Friday, June 21, 2013

Ferrell Family Roadtrip: To Georgetown, Colorado

Date:  Friday, June 21, 2013

Facebook status for this morning:

We spent the night in Moab, Utah, in a two bedroom suite that regularly books for $189, but we got for $69 because it was almost midnight when we got there to check in.  It was such a nice place too.  The suite had a kitchen, living room, two bedrooms, and a bathroom plus a balcony.  It's such a shame that all we had time for was a quick night's sleep before heading out early the next morning for the Rocky Mountains.

Driving through Utah on the way to Colorado we saw such beautiful mountains:

The roads seems to cut through the mountains.  We would see a beautiful stretch of road ahead of us and both Dave and I would try to get pictures . . . but he was having to be careful driving, and I seemed to catch the windshield glare in all my pictures.

It seemed like everywhere we went on this road trip, we saw so many beautiful sights.

And then we were finally there . . .

I know you are wondering who took the picture. . . .  Actually there were a couple of cars stopped there with several other people getting pictures made with the Welcome sign.

We stopped in Grand Junction, Colorado for lunch.  After our stop at the Welcome sign, Dave let me drive so when we got to Grand Junction, I got to drive us around looking for places to eat. . . . and I kept missing the turn for the Ihop.

I haven't eaten at Ihop many times, but let me just say . . . It was sooooo good!

After days of eating fast food dollar menus . . . some good ole pancakes, bacon, eggs, and french toast really hit the spot!

After lunch, we found ourselves driving along a winding road up the Rocky Mountains . . .   We drove through tunnels cut through the mountains . . .

and more tunnels . . .

and frequently our road ran along side the Colorado River . . .

And we even started seeing snow on the tops of the mountains . . .

Using the TripAdvisor App, I found us a place to stay in Georgetown, Colorado.

I thought it was such a quaint place, but when we got in our room and  Dave saw there was no air conditioning . . . He immediately got on the laptop looking for someplace different to stay at the next night.  :)

While Dave was busy looking for cabins in the mountains for us, I took the boys to a local pizza place for supper.

It was such a cute bohemian type of place.  In fact, the whole town was like that . . . very bohemian.

People were riding all over the place on bikes or walking everywhere.  They had a couple of tables outside that I thought would be great to eat at, but the boys wanted to eat inside on the tall tables.

After our delicious hand-tossed pizza, I took the boys swimming at the Inn's pool.  Some other children were already there swimming, and the boys joined in and quickly made friends with them.

After swimming and playing, the boys and I were ready for bed.  Dave had been hard at work and found us a great cabin to stay in for the next three days while we explored the Rocky Mountains.

It's so funny, but after all the places and things we'd done and seen, the boys enjoyed playing in the swimming pool just as much as any of the other stuff.

I guess it's just another example of enjoying the simple things in life even while on vacation with . . . 

                              the Ferrell boys and me!

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