Saturday, April 19, 2014

Easter Fun - Dyeing Eggs

Easter is my favorite holiday.  I usually get very busy trying to do lots of Easter activities with the boys, but this year, I decided to scale back a little bit.  Just stick to the basics of the holiday. :)

Saturday Zach and Alex had a couple of friends over to play. They played outside all day . . . jumping on the trampoline, fishing, riding bikes, and playing catch.

One of the boys had to go home early, but Matthew got to stay a little longer.  We decided to dye eggs.  (a very basic Easter activity)

I cheated this year and bought plastic eggs that can be dyed.

And some Q-tip-like dyeing sticks to paint the eggs.

The boys painted and decorated eggs for quite a while.

The only drawback to dyeing plastic eggs . . . they float in the colored water so you have to keep pressing them down with a spoon or something . . . and according to Alex . . . you have no boiled eggs to eat!

Before dyeing the eggs, I got out our Resurrection eggs and we went through the story of Easter.  

Each boy took turns opening an egg and telling the part of the Easter story for their egg.  The Resurrection eggs are an Easter tradition for our family.  

I made the Resurrection eggs that we use every year.  You can read how I put our set together in my Easter post from a couple of years ago . . . the Link is HERE.

After Matthew went home, the Ferrell boys were so hyped up after dying eggs that we had a difficult time getting them to go to sleep!  

I think it was also the anticipation of Easter morning adding to the excitement of . . . 

                          the Ferrell boys and me!

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