Saturday, April 5, 2014

The Best Day

Saturdays are usually the day I catch up my house cleaning, laundry, and rest.

This Saturday, I decided to take the boys and spend a little time with them and totally blow off the house cleaning, laundry, and rest.  

It started off at 9 o'clock with a birthday party at the local Jumpers place.  We were late -- 45 minutes late -- but we got there in time for the boys to jump for over an hour.

After the birthday party fun, we went to the Dollar Tree.  I had some items to return not used for the pirate birthday party so I let the boys pick out 2 items a piece.

At this point, Alex and Zach both agreed that it had been the best day and it was just 11 o'clock!

My boys have certain places where they love to eat.  Their number one pick is usually Applebees.  I really didn't want to eat there, so I mentioned another place -- Pepper's.  

Zach --  decided for the boys -- that since it had been the best day that they would eat at the place that Momma picked.  Yay!

And now Pepper's is the boys' new favorite place.  :)

We left Pepper's to go play at a local park.  It is really a neat park.  They have a really cool play castle to climb on with slides, moving bridges, and lots and lots of steps and towers.

The boys loved it.  They ran and chased each other.

Shane on the moving bridge!

The boys even stopped for me to get a picture of them together.

Zach had as much fun as Shane at the park.

Shane made some friends.

And it was quite relaxing for me because there were plenty of places where I could sit and watch the boys.

Once we had been at the park for a couple of hours, we decided to move on to McDonald's for a snack . . . then on to the Air Force Base for the air show.

The Thunderbirds were the main attraction at the air show.

They were awesome!  The boys and I loved the show!
It was really loud sometimes.  :)

They had several helicopters and planes for the children to climb into and explore.

It was such fun for the boys to freely explore the helicopters and planes.

Shane would be very involved with all the buttons and gear shifts of the helicopters and then he'd spot another helicopter or plane to see!

I could barely keep up with Shane.  Luckily, Alex and Zach would run ahead with him and watch over him.  The three of them were about to get this plane started when I finally caught up with them. The man with this plane wasn't paying attention, and almost jumped out of his chair when he saw them moving the propellers! Ha!

I let each boy pick out one souvenir plane before leaving the air show.

Brrrrrrrr .... 

We had a great day.  Alex said it ranked #3 among our family vacations . . . after Dollywood and last summer's cross-country trip to the Grand Canyon and the Rocky Mountains!  I explained to him that this didn't qualify as a family vacation, but I appreciated the sentiment!  :)

And so . . . there you have a sample of "the Best Day" with . . .

                           the Ferrell boys and me!

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