Friday, April 4, 2014

Five Minute Friday: Writer

;Five Minute Friday

Today's Word:  Writer


I've never thought of myself as a writer per se.  

Sure I write as a part of my job.  Being a lawyer, I spend a good bit of time writing whether it's letters to clients, complaints or petitions to file in court, or deeds, wills, etc.

But I don't think of those "writings" as making me a writer.

Those "writings" make me a lawyer.

A writer is someone that creates images or thoughts using their words. . . or records something using their words.

I've been blogging for several years now.  Writing down the adventures of my family and specifically the adventures of my three boys for the world and my extended family to read.

Does that make me a writer?

Maybe.  I do know that writing in my blog helps me deal with the stress of my job as a lawyer, as a wife, and especially as a mother to three wild boys.  

Writing in this blog gives me the opportunity to take a moment  . . . a memory . . . an event in my life and capture it for the future.  To give me and my boys something to record our time together.

Sometimes that time is not always pleasant.  

Writing is a way for me to take the not so pleasant moments of raising three wild and rambunctious boys and putting a positive spin on those moments.  

To reflect and remember that one day . . . the time I found the bent up and broken bed frame from 3 boys jumping on the bed will be a great story to tell of my war wounds in raising these 3 boys . . . 

the time of dealing with a broken window from a misguided BB gun will be another example of the pains I endured in raising these 3 boys . . . 

Yes, these are just two of the not so pleasant events from just this past week at my house.  :)

But now . . . as I write this and I'm reflecting on the broken bed frame and the busted window pane, I'm remembering that these problems will pass, and I will not care so much about the broken and busted items in my house as much as the 3 boys I raised in my house . . . our home.  And these will be stories I will share sometime in the future when remembering this trying time of raising my 3 boys.

These will be stories I will have as a remembrance because I wrote about them in my blog. . . along with all the good stories I share.

So I think maybe I am a writer.  A writer of stories and adventures  . . .  re-counting the tales and the trials of  . . .

                             the Ferrell boys and me!


  1. Yes! You are definitely a writer! I enjoy reading about your fun with the boys.

    1. Thanks Beth! Please know that I keep you daily in my prayers!

  2. That was all this week?! Oh goodness. I have two boys (5 and 2)... the damage just gets greater, I guess.

    Thanks for sharing your life through your writing! I stopped in from Five Minute Friday and you definitely gave me a smile after my personal long week.

    1. Thanks for stopping by! We have a lot of mishaps, but most of it can be easily replaced. Thankfully, the boys haven't been hurt yet! I confiscated the BB guns after the middle son broke the window. At least with boys, our lives won't be boring!

  3. I am hopping on over to see what you write, since you commented on my blog! Thank you! I want to tell you that you are creating a "Book of Stones", or legacy, for your boys as you blog! Beautiful!

    1. Thanks so much! I'm hoping this blog will be something the boys will treasure someday!


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