Sunday, March 10, 2013

Mater Cupcakes for Lex!

For her daughter Mary Beth, my sweet friend Vicky made a princess doll cake.  See my earlier blog post about that wonderful cake HERE.   For her son, Lex (twin of Mary Beth), Vicky made some Mater cupcakes.  She got the idea for the cupcakes from Travel Talk With Marilyn blog.  Vicky modified her idea and used some different elements in decorating the cupcakes.  I think they turned out sooo cute and most importantly . . . Lex loved them!

Vicky started out by baking some chocolate cupcakes.  She iced them all with store bought chocolate icing. 

The windshield on the Mater cupcake is made with chocolate bar rectangles with white icing spread across.   Vicky used store-bought white icing. 

Vicky used mini chocolate chips for the eyes and outlined the windshield by piping chocolate icing around the edge.  She used ziplock bag with the corner snipped to pipe the chocolate icing.

She placed the chocolate windshield on the iced cupcake on one side.  Vicky split mini oreos by twisting them apart and applied the split cookies to cupcakes as Mater's wheels.

Vicky used mini marshmallows for Mater's teeth.  She used scissors to split the marshmallows.

She placed the marshmallow teeth on the front of the cupcake and placed a cookie half on the top to finish the Mater cupcake.  Remember one of Mater's teeth is shorter than the other.  :)

For the party, I brought my cupcake stands, and Vicky made an impressive display of Mater cupcakes for Lex.

They turned out soooo cute!  I was so impressed with Vicky!  And so grateful that she let me document the whole process . . . I'm sure someone taking pictures of your every move while making these Mater cupcakes is probably counter-productive! 

I can't imagine having to make two separate cakes/cupcakes for twins on their birthday, but Vicky does it every year!  This year she really outdid herself! 

Her sweet children were thrilled!  And so were . . .

                          the Ferrell boys and me!

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