Thursday, March 7, 2013

Another day on the Farm . . .

We have lots going on at the farm.  With all the cows, cats, and dogs we have here on the farm, there's always some animal expecting or having babies some time or another.

Our sweet brown dog has been expecting and this week she finally had her puppies.  I knew the day was coming soon because of the way she was acting.  Call it a mother's instinct.

The day I came outside to feed the dogs and she didn't greet me at the door . . . I knew that the day had arrived.  But I couldn't find her anywhere and I had to go to work so I waited until that afternoon to look for her and her puppies.

I finally found them here . . . under the bush hog thingy.

I haven't actually seen any puppies, but you can definitely hear them!  Sounds like 10 or more yipping under that thing!  :)

I did get a peak of one of the puppies sticking out from under the bush hog . . . along with her momma's paw:

I can't wait to actually see one of the puppies!  And find out how many puppies there actually are under that thing!

After checking on our newest additions at Ferrell Farm, I fed and watered the chickens again.  The cows "mooed" at me and then they went and snacked on the round bales of hay that Dave had put out for them.

I decided to till up another square patch in the garden for my onions and lettuce.  I asked Shane to take a couple of pictures for my blog.  Here I am tilling the garden.  Great job, Shane!  :)  My Daddy will see this and call to tell me to mow the yard before tilling . . . again . . . oops!

And here is the tiller I was using to till my garden:

And then Shane decided to show everyone his brother's boot.

And which brother owns this particular boot . . . Zach!

This picture is a little blurry, but I think Shane did a great job taking pictures considering he's just 4 years old.  :)

While Shane was taking pictures, I finished tilling the garden.

It's ready for planting!  I had to stop at this point because it was time for Wednesday night church, but I plan to finish planting on Friday. 

The boys begin their Spring break on Friday, so I will get to be home with them all day.  :)

Gee-whiz I hate that I won't be "lawyering" on Friday!  Ha!

Actually, I will be doing some work stuff at home and all my office calls are forwarded to my cell phone . . . but physically I'll be at the Farm!  I'm so excited!

To celebrate, Myra and I took the boys and Neal to the Mexican Restaurant for lunch on Thursday. 

They only had to go to school for a half-day on Thursday because of a district teacher's meeting so lunch at their favorite restaurant was a special treat to kick off the Spring break.

They don't even eat Mexican food when we go!  Their favorite meal is the little fried chicken tenders they make with some Mexican rice on the side.  Chicken and rice . . . and cheese sauce!

Such a great time!  We made quite a scene at the restaurant!  An older lady sitting in the booth next to us kept cutting her eyes over at us with a very disapproving expression!  Ha!  But she was the only one who cared!  Others who came in . . . like my insurance agent friend (who kept laughing and saying he was just a few years from this type of behavior with his son )  and . . . some ladies from the bank (who have known my boys since birth since the boys' NaNa worked at the bank forever) . . . and my sweet friend, Natalie, with her children (who knows what life is like with 3 kids)  . . .  they ALL loved the boys and their antics!  What's not to love?!

Shane's self-photo

The best part of the lunch for me was when my sweet Shane said the prayer.  For months now . . . whenever Shane would say the blessing . . . he would recite this . . .

God is great . . . God is good . . . Thank you for the dinosaurs!  Amen!

Another self-photo

I know that's not very traditional, but he's only 4 years old.  Today Shane said the blessing again, and he surprised me by singing a prayer he's learned at school.

God, our father . . God, our father . . once again . . . once again . . . thank you for our blessings . . . thank you for our blessings . . . aaaah . . .men  . . . aaah . . .men. . . .

He's growing up. . . too fast it seems . . . . 

But that's life . . . and another day with . . .

                           the Ferrell boys and me!

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