Monday, December 10, 2012

Fun ATV and the Ferrells

We are gearing up for Christmas here at Ferrell Farm.  The boys have all written Santa expressing their wishes for Christmas . . .

Dave always comes up with the boys' main Christmas gift from us.  It's something that he loves to do and he's actually very good at it.

This year Dave got it in his head that he wanted to get the boys all 4-wheelers for Christmas . . . that makes 3 ATVs for the Ferrell boys . . .

The problem with buying 3 ATVs . . . where to get all the money to buy the ATVs . . .

Dave decided -- after much research -- that the best way to get the boys the ATVs for Christmas was to start selling ATVs.  Yes.  We are now in the ATV selling business!

The boys quickly picked out the 4-wheeler they wanted.  Unfortunately, Dave and I have to sell a few ATVs before we can afford to buy the boys one each! 

I spent part of Saturday helping Dave sell the ATVs . . . crocheting . . . waiting for ATV customers . . . and crocheting . . . and this is what I made:

It's not the best picture.  It's an owl baby hat.  I made it for Myra's new grandbaby.  I hope to see a picture with him wearing it.

I got the pattern for it at this site:  Repeat Crafter Me.

Sunday afternoon my church had its Christmas event for our community children's ministry.  The youth performed a really cute skit with a great point about the best gift of Christmas . . . Jesus! 

When asked to choose the best gift for Christmas 2012 . . . and having the choices of a ZuZu pet, Barbie, Guitar Hero, or a Wii . . . the contestant picked Jesus as the best gift!

After the skit, we all went to our classrooms to make crafts depicting the Nativity.

I help teach the 11 and 12 year olds.  It can be quite interesting sometimes.

Santa stopped by to hand out candy canes with the Jesus/candy cane story.

We had a great time putting together the Nativity wreaths, and I enjoyed watching the children being creative with the foam pieces.

Some of their creativity extended beyond the making of the wreaths . . . into posing for the camera with their wreaths . . .

Mr. John posed with one of the children.  Mr. John and I teach this class together.  He has a great disposition and is very encouraging to me and the kids.  :)

After church, the Ferrell boys and I went home and went to bed . . . When we woke up Monday morning . . . this is what the Ferrell boys found:

That Jeff, our elf, had decided to play a trick on the boys . . . and hung some of their underwear on the fan in the living room! 

And now I have to figure out how to get the underwear down . . . I can't reach the fan without a ladder . . . and now I also have to clean the ceiling fan!  I never realized how dusty and dirty it was until I saw these pictures!

As I am getting ready to go to sleep tonight . . . I'm wondering what that elf has planned for tonight for . . .

                        the Ferrell boys and me!

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