Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Dear Santa . . .

Last night, the boys and I sat down to write their letters to Santa.  I found a cute Letter to Santa form on pinterest that we used. 

Shane needed a little help with his letter . . .  he's only 4 years old afterall.  :)  He was so sweet.  He said, "Momma, put your hand over mine like Miss Angie (his teacher)".

Alex and Zach were able to complete their letters without my help.

The Letter to Santa has a place to check if you've been "Naughty" or "Nice".  Ha!  The boys were so funny when they got to that on the letter.  They all hesitated . . . including Shane . . . I could see the dilemma run across their faces as they tried to decide whether they had qualified for the "Nice" list! 

And in the letter, you don't just check beside "Nice" . . . Underneath that are three long lines for listing the ways you've been nice during the past year!  Ha!  Really made the boys think about their behavior during the year!

When Shane and I were finished with his letter, he decided he wanted to decorate it for Santa.

Zach very carefully wrote his letter . . . writing it all in cursive  . . .

The boys took the job of filling these letters out very seriously. . . and very sincerely.

Zach's letter . . .

 Alex's letter . . .

Shane's letter . . .  (notice I misspelled puppy)

After completing their letters to Santa, the boys folded them and laid them on the kitchen counter along with an origami flower that Zach made for Santa  . . . .

They left them on the counter for Jeff, our elf, to take to the North Pole to Santa.

Besides the letter to Santa, I also had a Christmas craft for them to do.  I saw these cute Santa Handprint Ornaments on the Meaningful Mama website. They are made out of salt dough and baked in the oven.

I made some salt dough following her directions, and the boys proceeded to make the handprints in the dough.

If you have been reading my blog, then you've probably noticed that the Meaningful Mama website is also the same one where I got the green Christmas tree pancake idea.

After the boys made their handprints in the salt dough, I carefully cut around them . . .

And then I placed them on a pizza stone cookie sheet and baked them for 2 1/2 hours at 200 degrees.

We also made some dog bone ornaments for our dogs.  :)  

The plan was to paint them tonight, but with church tonight and school tomorrow, we didn't have time to paint . . . so painting tomorrow night is the plan!

We ended the evening with Alex reading The Elf on the Shelf book to us.

If you want to print your own copy of the Letter to Santa form that I used, you can download it from Polka Dot Pixies:  Letter to Santa.

If you want to get directions for making the salt dough and also, for making the Santa handprint ornaments like we're making, you can get that information from Meaningful Mama:  Salt Dough Santa Hand Print Ornament .  The link to the salt dough recipe is also on that page.

We had such a great night together . . .

                           those Ferrell boys and me!

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