Monday, December 3, 2012

Our Christmas Tree

This year I wanted to get a real tree for our Christmas.  We've alway had a fake tree for all these years we've been married and it was falling apart . . . .  and I thought going to a tree farm and cutting down a tree together would be a lot of fun for the boys.

That is until I found out how much the Christmas trees cost at the local tree farm . . . $68!  Now I'm sure the trees are worth it. . . . those people spend a lot of time tending to those trees and shaping them, but I just couldn't spend that kind of money on a tree that was going to dry up and be discarded.

Dave suggested we go to Lowes and buy a new fake tree . . . Oh my!  Those trees are even more expensive than the Christmas tree farm!  The cheapest one was still over $200!  Lowes had some real trees for sale and I wanted to get one of those . . . the one I wanted was $37 . . . more reasonable than the others.

We have 10 foot ceilings in our living room so we needed at least an 8 foot tall tree.

Dave wanted to get new lights for the tree this year . . . those LED lights . . . and he wanted to get the multi-colored, big bulb lights too.  Now I'm partial to the little bitty white lights so . . . we compromised!  I agreed to the big multi-colored lights, and he agreed to buying a real tree at Lowes.

When we got home, I set the boys to decorating . . .

The boys had a great time going through the ornaments and remembering where and when we bought them.

 One little boy wasn't very agreeable to putting every ornament on the tree . . . some of them he wanted to keep in his room to play with! 

 Dave decided to play Santa Claus and put each boy on his lap and ask what they wanted for Christmas . . .

Shane wants a remote control airplane that you can drive and it really flies!

I don't know why Dave is wearing those yellow safety glasses. :D

The boys loved it!  It was definitely a fun night decorating the tree and thinking about our wish lists for Santa!

Tomorrow night, the boys and I are going to write out letters to Santa.  I can't wait to see what they ask for!

So until tomorrow night . . . when Santa's letters are written . . . sweet Christmas dreams from  

                       the Ferrell boys and me!

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