Sunday, September 23, 2012

Menu Planning Monday - Week of Sept. 24th





Green Beans


Hard and Soft Taco Dinner Kit


Tacos  (Hard and Soft shell)


Potato Soup and Fixins . . .  I'll post my favorite potato soup recipe  :)

(Dave didn't get his potato soup on his birthday like I had planned -- thanks to Pee Wee Homecoming!)


French Fries

As far as last week's menu, the slow cooker cheesy quesadillas was a big success with the whole family.  It was really good.  It would also be very good as a filling for enchiladas or for chicken tacos.  The Mexican rice was also very good. All of the Ferrells enjoyed it including Shane.  He ate 2 helpings of the rice.  I alter the recipe a little for my younger children.  I didn't use Rotel tomatoes in my recipe but used petite diced tomatoes instead.  I also pureed the onions and tomatoes very fine so the boys couldn't tell it was in there.  :)

The pizza casserole also passed the likeability test with the Ferrell boys.  I made it without the pepperoni because I didn't have any (like I thought) so I don't know how that would have changed the dish.  My sweet friend, DeAnne, made the pizza casserole for her family and they liked it as well.  She froze 1/2 of it for a later date.  I didn't get to try it because I volunteered to help with a church activity, and sweet Dave left it sitting out all night!  But he said that he and the boys really liked it.

We are trying 2 new recipes this week.  I'll let y'all know how well they turn out.  Until then I will be seeing you in the grocery store . . . hopefully not with  . . .

                           the Ferrell boys . . . . just me!

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