Saturday, September 15, 2012

Ferrell Farm Update . . . Happy Birthday to Me!

Well, I'm trying to get back into the habit of blogging again. 

I was so busy this summer with the boys and trying new things on the farm . . . a garden, cows, chickens, etc., that I wasn't able to blog every week.

Now that school is back in session and I'm back in my office, I'm hoping to get back into the blogging routine.

Even though I wasn't actually blogging . . . I did take lots of pictures of the many projects I started (and haven't finished) with blogging about it in mind, so I will probably write about some of those.

This summer I stayed home with all 3 boys and didn't work in my office at all.  It was a rough summer!  :D

I couldn't be a stay at home mother.  The boys drove me crazy!  Ha!

My birthday was in July, and Dave gave me a wonderful present.  Here we are posing with it right after it was delivered by UPS:

As you can see by the mess, I love to sew.  I was busy making some nap rolls for Michelle's grandsons when the special present arrived.

Dave got me an embroidery/monogramming machine!  I was so excited!  But the person who was the most excited was  . . . Dave!    He couldn't wait for me to use it so I watched the c.d. that came with the machine and got busy.

Somebody was hovering around with the camera and it wasn't me this time!

I love it!  And sweet Dave helped me rearrange our bedroom so that I could set up both my machines on a long table in there and get the mess out of our dining room.

I've been sewing and embroidering up a storm!

Here are some pictures of Michelle's grandsons' nap rolls that I made them for their birthday. . . .

They are big hunters so I made them using a hunting theme.

That huge deer head was my first applique . . .  The boys loved the nap rolls, and I loved making them something they could actually use.  They started K4 this Fall and needed nap rolls.

Of course, I couldn't make the boys something and not make Taylor Grace something as well.

So I made her a purse . . .  out of a pair of Dave's old jeans . . .

 She loved it!  The owl was my second applique!  I like doing appliques now.  :)

Here's the reverse side of the purse . . .

You can't see it too good, but I put her monograms on the pocket.  I love my new machine!

Well, I've got to go.  The Ferrell boys are on the floor in my bedroom in their sleeping bags . . . and they won't go to sleep until I put my laptop away . . . so goodnight my friends . . . until next time . . .

                from the Ferrell Boys and me!

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