Monday, January 24, 2011

Zach turns 8 . . . again . . and again . . .

In our family, we celebrate birthdays throughout the week of the actual birth date.  I don't plan to do this, it's just that sometimes the opportunities present themselves for celebration on many days other than the actual birth date . . . and so far . . . none of the boys are complaining.

Such is the case with Zach.  My firstborn child.  The first of my boys to do everything.  My fearless adventurer and sportsman.

We had the first celebration of Zach's birth on New Year's Day at Michelle and John's house in Carrollton, Alabama.

Then on Monday, January 3rd, Zach's actual birthday, I planned to bring the traditional cupcakes for his class to celebrate his special day.

But Zach asked me to bring ice cream instead of cupcakes. . . which is so much easier to do so . . . I brought ice cream for Zach's class and for Alex's class too, since both classes have lunch at the same time.
Alex's class
If you want to give a few 6, 7 and 8 year old children a thrill, walk into the lunchroom cafeteria with vanilla and chocolate ice cream . . . They were definitely excited about the ice cream.

Some of Zach's friends
During lunch, Coach Beall made a surprise visit on Zach.  Someone (I wonder who) told Coach Beall it was Zach's birthday.  He brought his giant paddle for Zach's birthday licks.  When Coach Beall walked in the cafeteria, I expected Zach to hide, but Zach just sucked it up and walked over to Coach Beall like a Man.  He took his "licks" and made the family proud.

Okay, don't be concerned about the birthday whooping.  Zach was so overly dramatic about the licks.  Coach Beall barely touched him . . . but it was fun to watch.

That night we celebrated Zach's birthday at home with just us and Nana and PawPaw.  We had tacos for supper and . . . instead of birthday cake . . . we had . . .

Eight candles in Zach's favorite ice cream, Blue Bell Homemade Vanilla Ice Cream.  Zach was pretty much thrilled.

Look at that sweet face . . . genuine happiness. . . until we told him that he would get his birthday present from us during his birthday party on Friday night. . .


Tina and the Ferrell Boyz

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