Monday, January 24, 2011

Little boys and blood . . .

Yesterday, after church, the boys and I came home for lunch while Dave went to the old house to dismantle the boys' swingset and trampoline. 

I hadn't gotten past the back door entryway before catastrophe happened!  After hanging up the boys' coats, I realized that sweet Shane hadn't made it in the house so I called for him to come inside.  He wasn't wandering around outside because we now have an enclosed garage, but he was loose in the garage.  There are several boxes in the garage with Kitchen items in them that I had just moved this weekend and hadn't gotten unpacked yet.  Shane went in one of the boxes and somehow, in a few seconds, managed to cut his finger -- through the nail into the meat underneath.  Here's a picture I took today:

Blood . . . lots of blood.  Now I don't panic when my children get hurt.  The sight of blood does not freak me out . . . but the two -- my children hurt and blood -- well that kind of freaks me totally. 

I couldn't get his finger to quit bleeding.  There was blood everywhere it seemed.  Shane was crying and all my efforts to stop the bleeding caused him to cry more . . . so what do I do?  I grab Shane and load all 3 boys back in the van to go to Nana and PawPaw's. . . .just 7 miles away . . .

It was a little stressfull.  Shane was crying.  I asked Zach to hold the damp washcloth around his hand to contain the blood and then went around to get in the van. 

There was Alex just squawling.  My heart stopped. What is wrong? 

Alex-"I don't want my baby brother to die!"  Great just what I needed to hear.

I yelled -  "Shane's not going to die!  Calm down and get buckled up!"

Zach- "If anyone's going to die, it'll probably be me cause I'm not buckled up!"

At this point I'm losing it.  I look at him and say very sternly, "No one's going to die!"

Shane - "I don't want to go to Nana's.  I want to go to the hospital."  I mean really.  Do I need this?

Calmly I put the van in reverse and backed out . . . .into the garage door! 
Luckily I wasn't going fast at all so I didn't damage the van or the garage door.

We made it to Nana's and the bleeding had stopped.  PawPaw put a band-aid on his little finger and as I predicted . . . no one died.

Life with boys. . . . You just need to accept that sometimes there will be blood.

When Zach busted his nose for the first time . . . he was so excited to see the blood.  Same with Alex when he busted his lip.

Me . . . I don't like blood when it involves my boys. . . .

The rest of the day was uneventful.  Thank goodness!

I did make some cute little brownie bites for the boys' lunchboxes.  I mixed up a brownie mix I had in the pantry.  Then I took the Pampered Chef small scoop

and scooped up the brownie goo and put it in my Pampered Chef mini muffin pan.

They were so cute and delicious!

 It made regular old brownies into something a little less ordinary.  Look how cute and small they were!  Shane and Alex loved them.  Zach is my child that doesn't like chocolate. . . which means more for me!

Have a great day!

Tina and the Ferrell boyz

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  1. So funny, girl I can just hear you talking!!! I'm glad all worked out ok!

    Love the idea for the brownie bites, I may have to try that I could make them gluten free and freeze so when I'm dying for something sweet. Thanks for the idea.


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