Friday, August 23, 2013

Boy is my face red . . .

I'm kinda outspoken.  I'm very outgoing.  There's not a whole lot of reservation in my personality.  I have to make a conscious effort not to speak out in most situations.  People very rarely forget me, because I tend to make a lasting impression.  :-/

I'm not saying any of this to brag.  It's one of my worst faults.  I'm obnoxious.  I'm impulsive.  I talk too much even when I'm stone-cold-sober.   I'm one of those people who needs to be reminded that I don't have to say every thought in my head!  I promise . . . I'm working on this problem . . . it is definitely a major fault in my character.  [ BTW:  Shane took this photo of me :) ]

So I had a little out-patient procedure on Wednesday.  I have painful varicose veins in my legs.  I have finally taken steps to improve my situation and met with a vein specialist, Dr. Guest.

Dr. Guest, who is the nicest guy ever, did the procedure on my left leg on Wednesday morning.  It's a procedure that he does in his office.  You aren't put under with anesthesia, but are sedated with another kind of medicine.  Kind of like the sedation you are put under when you have a colonoscopy.  I can't remember the name of the medicine, but let's just say . . . I think it really relaxes your inhibitions  . . . I think I may embarrassed myself during the procedure.

I can remember talking and talking and talking to the doctor and nurses. . . . while they were doing the procedure.  Every day, since the procedure, I remember something I said to them . . . to my total embarrassment!

I told them about my blog.  Really.  That's why I'm writing about it.  I promised them I would "blog" about it!
I made one of the nurses take a picture with me.

And then because I didn't like it, I made her take another picture with me.

Can you tell I'm on drugs in these pictures.  I don't remember taking these pictures!  I have a faint memory of doing it but I didn't remember it until I uploaded my pictures from the camera!  Guess what else I did?!?  I made Dr. Guest take a picture with me!

Imagine my embarrassment when I saw this picture on my camera!  I may have to find another vein specialist to fix the veins in my right leg!  Ha!

But hey, considering I had just had 21 veins fixed in my leg . . . I think I look pretty good!  Can you believe that?!?  Twenty-one veins.  I have 21 little holes in my leg where they inserted a laser and tube and injected some fluid into my veins.

And other than my leg being dark purple and blue and swollen . . . and the fact I'm so embarrassed by my behavior . . . I haven't had a terrible time recovering from this procedure.  It hasn't been too terribly painful. Ibuprofen has worked well.  There are some restrictions for the first two weeks after surgery.  But nothing too bad.  I have to wear compression hose for two weeks.  I can't get in the sun for 4 to 6 weeks.  I have to take ibuprofen for two weeks whether I'm hurting or not.  I can't swim or exercise for two weeks.

I can't wait to see what my leg looks like once it's healed.  I'm really looking forward to seeing the difference it's going to make as far as my legs hurting and aching all the time.

Really . . . though . . . I can't repeat some of the things I asked the doctor and nurses while they were working on my leg.  Let's just say that besides being a vein specialty clinic, it's also a hair removal clinic . . . . yes, I said hair removal . . can you imagine what all I asked them concerning that topic!

The entire episode is so embarrassing for  . . . 

                                 the Ferrell boys and me!


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