Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Ball Season 2015 and Zach

I'm smack in the middle of ball season.  I love baseball, especially when my boys are the ones playing.

This year is especially emotional for me because it will be Zach's last year to play in Little League.

I uploaded some pictures from an old camera I found while cleaning out my dresser drawers.  I found pictures from when Zach first started playing in Coach Pitch.

He has always been so serious about ball.  Look at his expression.

He played catcher a lot during coach pitch.  

He was so cute in catcher gear. . . . and so little.

I'm sure there were other boys playing on his team, but the only one I remember was #98.

And now he's playing in Little League . . . for the last year.

Just a few more times to bat . . .

This year he's even pitching a couple of innings a game . . .

It's so exciting to watch him pitch . . . exciting and terrifying all at the same time!  :D

When he's not pitching, Zach plays short-stop.  It's so much fun watching him play knowing how much he loves the game.  

And during every game, I'm reminded that we are slowly playing toward his last little league game.

Thank goodness there's always our school baseball team!  I'm not ready to put my camping chair and cooler up yet . . . at least not for this season with . . . .

                               the Ferrell boys and me!

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