Thursday, April 8, 2010

Green Acres

Dave and I bought some land about 2 1/2 years ago.  It's a little over 36 acres with a lake/pond.  Here is our house site location:

This year, we are making actual progress toward moving out there and living.  The boys are so excited about living out on our land.

First, we built a fence. 

Actually, we paid Andy Permenter to build us a fence.  I think the fence that Andy built is better than any fence that Dave and I would build.

Then we bought a couple of cows . . . all black cows . . . black Angus cows . . . Let me introduce you to Hamburger and Steak, our new cows.

Just joking about the names.  I'm sorta getting attached to the cows.  I like the cows.  The big cow is "expecting." 

I'm not too sure about this idea of buying a pregnant cow.  We don't know anything about cows and then to buy one that's "with calf" probably wasn't a good idea.  But Dave thinks it will be no big deal.  I think he thinks Nature will take its course in the matter, and we won't have any problems.  We'll see.

So . . . land + fence + cows = Ferrell Farm :)

We also bought a tractor - no lie!   Here is Dave hauling a big limb from a fallen tree.

 Could we be more like Green Acres?!? 

As of April 7th we have . . .

Electricity!  TaDa!  I was so excited I had to take a picture.  I think Chuck Cotton thought I was nuts when I told him I took a picture of the electric pole.  But this means we are one step closer to building our country home.  Notice I got the cows in the picture too.

Zach and Alex will have to adjust to living in the country . . .

but Shane will grow up only knowing about country life.

  I'm very excited about this change in our lives.  I know the boys are going to love living out in the country.  I just hope I'm able to adjust to living 7 miles from Tems! 

Maybe I should name our little farm - Green Acres!  That's how I feel it's going to be like for me living out there.  I have never lived anywhere but in town. 

Goodbye city life!  Green Acres we are here!

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  1. So cute, I can't wait to see more of your house. You'll love the country AFTER you adjust Farmer Tina.


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