Friday, March 15, 2013

Easter is Coming . . . Are you ready?!

Easter is my favorite holiday.  Always.  I like it better than Christmas.  Really.

I have lots of Easter decorations.  I'm planning to get most of it out this weekend.  :)

Besides Easter decorations, I have some special Easter plans for the Ferrell boys.  We are going to do the same activities that we did last Easter.

We're going to make a Resurrection Garden.  You can read about this activity in last year's "Resurrection Gardening at the Farm" post.

We're going to countdown to Easter by telling the Easter story through the Resurrection Eggs that I made last year for the boys.  You can read about this activity in last year's "Teaching about the Resurrection" post.  You can also see how I made my own set of these eggs for the boys.

We're going to make some Resurrection Rolls too.  We may make them on Easter morning like we did last year.  I haven't decided about that yet.  You can read about how to make these rolls that help illustrate the story of the resurrection in last year's "Easter Morning with the Ferrell Boys" post.

All of those activities help to keep the focus on Christ this holiday instead of the bunny.  :)

Another way I'm going to keep the focus on Christ this holiday is by making a Christ-centered Easter basket for the boys.  I got the idea for this from the Detailed Oriented Diva blog.  She has a bunch of cute ideas for connecting items in a typical Easter basket to scripture.  I'll go into more detail about what I'm going to do for my boys in a later post.   Let's just say it involves a countdown!  My boys love a countdown with happies!  Me too!

Until then . . . I just wanted to share some of what the Ferrells are going to do this Easter to celebrate and remember our Savior and His sacrifice for us . . .  

and God's love for us . . . 

                         His love for you and His love for . . .

                                  the Ferrell boys and me!

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  1. This is a great post, and I thank you for sharing so many Easter ideas! :)

    Hope y'all have a wonderful celebration this weekend. He is risen!


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