Sunday, November 10, 2013

Five on Friday #7

I'm linking up with some other blogs to share

Five on Friday with the Ferrell boys and me!


[ 1 ]     Whitney Wright Waggoner :

My bff - Vicky delivered this precious baby on All Saints Day.  She has red hair and blue eyes . . . and she is precious.

Her brother, Lex and his twin sister, Mary Beth, are the same age as Shane.  They were so excited about their new baby sister.  Me too.  :)

[ 2 ]     Cookbook :

My church has released for sale its new cookbook . . .

I cooked 3 recipes out of it this week.   :)

[ 3 ]     Operation Christmas Child :

Our church gathered together this past Wednesday to pack shoeboxes for Operation Christmas Child. . . 400 shoeboxes!

Our OCC committee has spent the year collecting items to go in the boxes and they had everything set out for us to "shop" for the boxes and pack them.  Notebooks, pencils, crayons, coloring books . . .

Candy . . .

Toys for girls and Toys for boys . . .

Zach had the best time packing boxes.  He packed boxes for girls around his age.  He packed 22 boxes.  :)

Alex packed 18 boxes.  He was very deliberate and thoughtful when picking out the items for his boxes.  He chose to pack boxes for 9 year old boys . . . cause he is a 9 year old boy.  :)

It was such a great experience for everyone that participated.

Our Youth are usually the ones that pack the boxes.  But this year, the OCC committee decided to let the entire church participate in packing the boxes.  Young ones and older ones working together . . .

Even sweet little ones packed boxes . . .

Such a great night.   A total of 450 boxes were packed. :)

[ 4 ]     Opposites attract :

This is the strangest thing to me . . .

The momma cat has disappeared and left these two little kittens all alone.  We've been feeding and taking care of the kittens, while our dogs have been providing additional nurture that the kittens need.  A warm place to sleep during chilly Fall nights.  :)

They are the two cutest kittens . . . Here's another picture that Dave took when he was coming in from work one morning.  They are so sweet. . . and I'm not even a cat person!  :)

[ 5 ]     Holiday Countdown :

I've continued with my countdown to Christmas.  I purchased some lights, wreaths, and bulbs for Christmas earlier this week.

I've also started on Week 2 of the countdown.  I've been cleaning and organizing my kitchen and dining room this week . . .getting them ready for the holidays.

I've even started working on a decorating scheme.  This is a picture of a Christmas project I've been working on this week.  Or rather the beginning of the project.  

I'll being finishing this project this weekend and sharing what I made later this week.  :)

And another suggested item on the Holiday Countdown is to organize a cookie exchange.  My friend, Angie, contacted me today about organizing a Cookie Exchange this Christmas.  She said she was doing the Holiday Countdown as well.   So apparently, I'll be helping Angie with organizing my first-ever Holiday Cookie Exchange.  :)

This Holiday Countdown has really helped to decrease the stress of the holidays in my world.  You can follow along with me on this Holiday Countdown by visiting Shauna at her site, Satori Design for Living, where she gives a more detailed recap of the Countdown.

So there's my Five on Friday!  Hope you've enjoyed this quick look into this very busy past week with . . .

                      the Ferrell boys and me!

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